In this course you will be learning the whole walkthrough, from getting the developer’s kit, getting to know the templates and basic photoshop with face aware feature functionalities. learn how to work around with the 2D UV kit and also the 3D Mesh head kit. make basic face add-ons for starting your store , make a whole face texture skin using image projection into the 3D mesh head on photoshop. retouch, fix , mirror, use another image sample feature and blend on the skin. hints on how to get around common troubleshooting might occur during the process. how to take your vendor pictures and put your product to sell.


The Whole Course Was Intended To Use On Evox Heads And/Or Shared Maps, Although

The Techniques Shown Might be Useful To All Heads On The Grid !


In this class we will be using photoshop only for creating the texture, i’m using photoshop CC 2019 with face aware feature, this unique feature allows us to change facial details by detecting the eyes, nose, mouth , forehead , chin and the width of the whole face. you can drag the attributes to adjust them to your taste. This will be extremely useful to fit the UV map and also will help to fit on the 3D feature area as well. The 3D area is where we can load meshes and work with them on photoshop, we can mess around with any kind of shape in there. In our case we will use the lelutka Evox developer kit , it has the face, the ears and also separate projecting layers for HD makeup, you can get the kit by applying directly on lelutka’s website ( ) . For the purpose of this tutorial we will use only the main face mesh. Be sure to Have Already Installed the Photoshop CC 2019 or upper to follow up the instructions, in some newer versions adobe has dropped the face aware feature so be sure you have those available before continuing. 


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  1. Adobe Photoshop Basic Functionalities Using Photoshop CC With 3D and Face Aware Liquify Features. 

  2. Texture Projection On The 3D Mesh Head And Preferred Reference Images, Photo Angles And Lighting.

  3. Projecting A Full Face Image, Pixel Correction , Skin tone Blending and Airbrushing Technique. 2 cases.

  4. Blending The Face Skin Onto Designated Stores Developers Kit Using Velour’s Base Skin Tones And Textures Examples. 

  5. Basic Photo Preferences , Shots and Vendor Creating How to.

  6. Creating Basic Bakes On Mesh Layers On The 2D UV Layer To Start Your Store From Ground Zero. ( some designers require past products to give out the dev kits)

  7. Putting Your Work To Sell On Marketplace.


Chapter 1 : Presentation


Chapter 2 : Getting The Dev Kits And prepare to work

-Downloading The Developers Kit 2D and 3D Templates

-Preparing Templates To Work

- Getting To Know The Templates, The Face Aware Feature AndThe 3D Projection Head

-Extra Hints On How To Prepare for The Texture Craft 


Chapter 3 : Full Face Skin Creating

- Full Face Image Projection On the 3D Head

- Pixel Projection Correction

- Full Skin Correction

- Airbrushing Technique

- Using Another Face Feature Sample

- Angles And Lightning Reference Image Tips

- Texturizing The Face

- Erasing The Eyebrows

-  Full Face Creation Case #2 Dark Skin Tone Reference Image Lil Nas X *

* This Video Was the Whole Process I took to craft The Montero skin

No edit and No cuts, showing Some Extra Troubleshooting and Fixing.

-  Full Face Creation Case #3 Asian Male Skin

-  Full Face Creation Case #4 COMING SOON!


Chapter 4 : Blending The Face Texture Into Velour's Base Tones

- Last Few 3D Tips

- Blending The Face Skin Onto Designated Stores Developers Kit Using VELOUR’s Base Skin Tones And Textures Examples


Chapter 5 : PhotoShoot , Vendors And putting out your work to sell

- Basic Photo Shooting And Windlight Tips

- How To Create Your Vendors

- Putting Your Work To Sell On Marketplace


Chapter 6 ( Extras ) : Making Basic Bakes On Mesh Add-Ons Using the 2D Template

- Eyebrows

- Lipstick

- Freckles

- Eyeshadow


Chapter 7 : Complementary Material

Photoshop Basics For Beginners( Tools, Blend Modes, How To ,Tips And Tricks Etc )


Chapter 8 Extra : How To Blend The Designated Stores Skintones Easier With EVOX

* Disclaimer I will Never Give Out 3D Developer's Kit to Anyone on The Grid! Put  Your Store Together. Then Apply to The Intended Head Store Of Your Wish. ( Lelutka Take Some days To Respond so be patient) the kits are FREE And possibly will ever be. Read Lelutka's Website. 


Includes Bonus Download Material  :

+ 20 Skin , Hair And Effects Brushes For Photoshop

14 Skintones Skin Face Blenders For Easier Match The Tones!

Seamless Skin Textures  To Help Terturize The Face.

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Lisle Canning

Lisle Canning is Rick Artemii's 3D Art, Mesh And Texture Creator Alter Ego In Second Life's Platform. Having Deep Passion For Aesthetics, Character development, improvement And General Art Endearment, Working As Theater Actor, Professional Hairstylist , Graphic Designer, Filmmaker, Video Conception and Editing. [:: Miss Canning :: Is a Second Life Male And Female Clothing, Apparel, Accessories, Skins And Props Store Established in 2010.]


Course curriculum

    1. Presentation

    1. Preparing your materials to begin

    1. Case #1 Full Face Skin Creating, Corrections and texture blending

    2. Case # 2 Full Face Skin Creating Dark Skintone Reference Image Lil Nas X

    3. Case # 3 Full Face Skin Creating Asian Skin Reference Image Seong Jin PArk

    1. The Velour Kit + Extra hints

    2. Complementary Material (update) : The Velour Kit - Blending Your Face Texture To the Velour Head Mask Base Textures Using The Adjustment Layers

    1. Shots And Vendors

    1. Eyebrows

    2. Eyeshadow

    3. Freckles

    4. Lipstick ( Free Preview )


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